Today Consulting provides business modelling, "what if" analysis & business simulations for  technology, Telecom Internet & Media companies. Our customers use our services to support strategic and tactical decisions alike, using a range of well proven methodologies.

We are driven by "the rule of the game", the rules of your game, be it margin, market share, sales cycle optimisation, win/loss ratio, contribution management... Once it can be measured, as simply as possible, it can be managed as pragmatically as possible.

We believe that by focusing on what matters, by understanding "the rules of the game", one can be a much better player and contributor.

In order words we help businesses to understand what choices are available today and what are possible futures.

Today Consulting Ltd also represents IDATE research and services in the UK.

To find more about how Today Consulting Ltd can support your organisation, please send us an email. Thank you.

Contact: jm.chapon@todayconsulting.co.uk